5 Steps You Can Take to Overcome Social Anxiety

4 min readFeb 21, 2022
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Did you know that social anxiety is currently the third most common mental disorder in the world? Commonly referred to as social phobia, this form of mental health problem is also one of the most difficult to eradicate as most victims shy away from medical institutions. A larger percentage of the social anxiety disorder patients, therefore, carry on with life with the condition. In effect, the condition goes on to affect every aspect of their life and not just their social wellbeing.

Social Anxiety Institute argues that when not addressed in time, social phobia often sinks an individual into depression and stress-related health problems later in life. There is, therefore, a need to understand the different aspects of the condition as well as the most practical steps on how to overcome it.

Symptoms of social anxiety

Unlike most other illnesses, social phobia has no single symptom that can be used to categorize different individuals. Rather, the condition manifests itself differently in different individuals and therapists and mental health professionals can only draw up common manifestation similarities between most patients. Some of these include:
• Sweaty palms and ‘out-of-body’ sensation
• Rapid heartbeat and inability to breath
• Dry throat and mouth as well as inability to speak
• Muscle twitches and…